Are you tired of arriving to The Lake only to spend hours getting your boat ready for the weekend?  Have you been disappointed by other boat "detailers" in the past?  Brace yourself because you have found the business that you thought didn’t exist.  A boat cleaning service that will exceed your expectations; The Ship Shape Co. 

At The ShipShape Co. we do what we say, and it’s completed when we say it will be.  The first time is extraordinarily thorough, we clean everything, everywhere.  After that, we can usually take care of re-wash's in about a quarter of the time, since we already cleaned the bulk of the crud, now we just need to knock the loose stuff off.  We'll also help with cleaning your dock surfaces, kitchen & BBQ area, dock closets and lockers, etc.  We take care of the hassle of boating, so you can enjoy boating.